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Customer Feedback regarding  Guided Private VIP Tours

"We've tried 2 other private tour companies and this is the first time we felt like family."
Lincoln, NE
"Being a single father I didn't realize how impactful having a private tour of the Magic Kingdom would be for my girls. My hats off to Anna  and Magical Orlando Tours for the wonderful, professional  vip tour."
Bozeman, MT
"I don't know if it's because the twins are older now but this was the best experience we've ever had experiencing Disney World."
Atlanta, GA
"This was our first time using a Private VIP Guide to see the Magic Kingdom. I will say this, Magical Orlando Tours knew who the perfect guide for us was! We had a great time and saved so much time seeing the park. Thank you and Steven says he'll be back next year!"
Paul & Donna
Plano, TX
 "Must have been one of the hottest summer vacations I can remember. No more summer Orlando trips for us. Thanks for a great time at the Magic Kingdom. We couldn't have done it without Anna this year!"

Chris & Sammie
Wilmington, NC

"Your weather sucked  as it rained most of the day, not your fault but I can imagine how lost we would have been without Sully to help us! We'll call you (hopefully April 2016) for the next trip! Btw Julie says hi and thank Sully for the birthday gift!

Myrtle Beach, SC

"You saved us so much time this trip, I couldn't imagine having to visit Magic Kingdom without you guys! Please let John know he saved the day for us!"

Mike & Suzie
Baltimore, MD

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